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Reinhart Koblitz

Reinhart Koblitz had his first contact with horses on a racecourse as a child and went on to become a successful professional rider and riding instructor, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and constant development in the equestrian sport.

First Contact with Horses on a Racecourse

"I experienced my first contact with horses as a six-year-old on the racecourse in Gelsenkirchen-Horst. My older brother was allowed to ride the young thoroughbreds and accompany them to the races. Once I was old enough, when he hurt himself, I jumped in for him."

The riding instructor Reinhart Koblitz discovered his passion for the equestrian sport early. Even as a child, he began to actively help in the local riding club and in return received free riding lessons. After the first riding badges and competition success, the desire to become a professional rider grew in Reinhart Koblitz. After graduating in 1967, he began training as a professional rider at the riding and driving school of Elmshorn.

This was followed by training in the competition and training stable of Eichelnkamp and in the club of “Horse friends” Lübeck. In 1971, Reinhart Koblitz passed the examinations as a rider and in 1976 the examination for the professional riding instructor of the German Federation (FN) in Warendorf.

Since then he has been working independently and has led numerous students to great success. Placements at German and European Championships and even participation in the Olympics are some of his student´s achievements.

His Training Philosophy: Have your Own Riding Regularly Assessed

Reinhart Koblitz regards the constant development of horse and rider with the utmost of importance. It doesn’t matter whether one is an amateur or professional, “Competent control of your own horses from the ground is a lifelong necessity” and riding is something that demands lifelong learning.

Even the most successful equestrians work together with trainers to improve the tiniest of details as small mistakes, that are often not even necessarily noticed by amateur riders, do have an impact on the quality of communication with their horses. Reinhard passed away in 2022. He will be remembered as an outstanding horseman and trainer.

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