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Anna Twinney

Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses, developed a holistic training program for horses based on horsemanship, body language, energy healing, and animal communication, inspired by her own experiences and a desire to find alternative training methods.

Anna is an International Equine Behaviorist, Clinician, Speaker, Author, Animal Communicator, Holy Fire®Karuna Reiki Master, life coach and the founder of Reach Out to Horses®.   She is recognized by the United States Government as one of the top professionals in her field, through her unique and effective, collaborative and communication training methodologies. For almost 3 decades she has brought her highly successful, gentle approach to over ten thousand individuals and horses worldwide, from all walks of life and equine disciplines. She has conducted over one thousand clinics and classes across the globe and was the first female clinician to take natural horsemanship to the AQHA in China and to the Mongolian Equestrian team.


For over 30 years Anna has been involved in horse rescue and rehabilitation and specifically the protection of the American Wild Horse.  Her assistance has been sought by numerous organizations including some of the largest rescues in the USA. She has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the horses in need and over one hundred organizations that share her passion for our majestic planetary companions. Anna has gentled and trained over 1.5 thousand wild horses including those in the Premarin (PMU) industry, nurse mares and foals, feral and wild mustangs, feedlot foals, and tribal horses, exposing these often hidden industries.  Some of the most well-known mustangs have come under Anna’s tutelage including the famous trio; Monty Robert’s Shy Boy, Spirit (the Mustang from the Cimmaron) and Excalibur, her own Spanish Mustang heart horse whose influence brought telepathy to the forefront for future generation.

Her work has been featured around the globe in magazines, newspapers, radio shows, internet programs, podcasts, summits and television, including F.E.I., a segment on China State TV, Martha Stewart’s “Living”, the BBC fly on the wall documentary “Living in the Sun”, and the French travel show, “Echappées Belles”.  Reach Out to Horses® has appeared on the, the Dutch Equine Network, Horse Lifestyle, and the CanDo Network of programming and most recently on Equus TV with her short movie “Whispers from the wild ones".   Following the call of the horses, Anna is also the editor and author of “Escaping Tradition” and two further books “Beyond the Barn I and II” featuring two decades of her life’s work.

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