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Anna Twinney

Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses, developed a holistic training program for horses based on horsemanship, body language, energy healing, and animal communication, inspired by her own experiences and a desire to find alternative training methods.

Anna Twinney is the founder of the internationally operating Reach Out to Horses program, a holistic training concept involving horsemanship, body language, energy healing, and animal communication. She was born in Germany where she grew up loving adventures with her horse Ringo. Her family moved to England when she was a teenager. She later became a police officer there, a job that informs her work with horses as well: "As a female officer, I had to learn quickly to control and employ my body language skillfully in order to assert myself," Anna explains.  

Her concept was born out of the search for alternative training methods 

Anna used to compete with her mare Carrie, a Thoroughbred/Irish Draught cross, in the jumper ring, cross-country, and in endurance. Whenever they were hitting a plateau, the advice was always the same: be tougher with the horse. Looking for alternative methods of training, Anna Twinney spent a sabbatical at Monty Roberts'  'Flag Is Up Farm' in the US. "The horses of  'Flag Is Up Farm', especially the wild mustangs, created a learning paradise for me," she raves. She decided to stay in the US to follow her dream of helping horses and people create better partnerships and mutual understanding. Anna continued to work in the research and development team at the Monty Roberts International Learning Centre (MRILC) and became its first Head Instructor. 

Over time, Anna Twinney added a variety of alternative therapies to her repertoire. This includes Reiki, aromatherapy, equine herbal natural remedies, energy healing, and animal communication.

She followed her heart and her intuition 

As a trainer, Anna understands that not every training method will be universally embraced and that there can be a bit of skepticism. But once owners and riders engage with the new ideas, the results are often astounding. The relationships with their horses can be elevated to new levels. She encourages her students to be patient and look beyond their comfort zone. "People seem to think that horsemanship training takes too long. They don't have time for working on the basics. But in the end, these methods end up being faster in getting to the goal and beyond." 

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