Groundwork and Long Reining

The Foundation of Equestrian Excellence

Discover the Art of Groundwork and Long Reining – Building Strong Foundations for a Harmonious Connection with Your Horse.

3 Reasons to Prioritize Groundwork


Competitive Edge

Groundwork enhances your competitive edge by fine-tuning your horse's performance, leading to greater success in competitions.


Bond and Communication

Strengthen the bond and communication between you and your horse through groundwork, leading to better collaboration during competitive events and improved overall performance.



Enhance your horse's versatility with groundwork, enabling adaptability across disciplines, giving you a competitive edge.

Our Courses for Groundwork, Lunging & Long Reining

Discover comprehensive tips, engaging exercises, and creative inspiration in these online courses.

Respect and Communication without Rigidity





Develop a deep connection with your horse, understanding its character and preferences to guide with gentle cues and positive reinforcement.

Arien Aguilar

Groundwork: Leading, Lunging, Liberty Training





Discover how to instill leading manners in young horses with effective body language and riding aids, and learn to identify and correct their crookedness for balanced training.

Kathrin Roida

The Classical Art of Long Reining





Elevate your training with the elegance of long reining, mastering everything from the walk to intricate lateral and canter movements, all while ensuring the perfect fit of equipment and technique.

Saskia Gunzer

The Spooky Horse: How to Stop Spinning & Lookiness





Gain insights from leading experts on transforming a spooky horse into a composed companion with effective groundwork techniques and confidence-building strategies, plus expert guidance for handling sudden scares.

Ingrid Klimke, Uta Gräf, Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen und weitere Top-Experten

Horse Speak: The Equine-Human Translation Guide





Delve into the world of Horse Speak to master equine communication with a comprehensive breakdown of the 4 Gs and 13 essential buttons, enriched by practical case studies.

Sharon Wilsie

Trust-Based Liberty Training





Discover the essentials of liberty training to build a respectful, trust-filled bond with your horse, mastering minimal aids and engagement techniques for both foundational and advanced exercises.

Alizée Froment

Circus School: Classic Tricks and Show Ideas





Elevate your equestrian display with tricks like the plié, compliment, and unrolling the carpet, taught alongside platform and seesaw mastery for captivating circus routines.

Bea Borelle

Training for Young Horses





Shape your young horse's future with key classical training techniques that promote calm lunging, saddle ease, and early lateral work for a confident and cooperative start.

Anja Beran

Double Lunge Work





Enhance your horse's suppleness with double lunge work, covering everything from proper equipment and line handling to advanced dressage exercises, including cavaletti work and solutions for retraining problem horses.

Wilfried Gehrmann

Get a Glimpse into our Courses

Take a look at some excerpts from our online courses about groundwork and long reining.

Lead and stop your horse correctly

Learn how to lead and stop your horse without tugging and pulling with this simple exercise.

Bombproof Your Competition Horse with Groundwork

This simple trick helps to familiarize horses to unusual objects.

Canter Work on the Long Reins

Learn how to introduce the canter work in long reins.

Our Specialists for Groundwork & Long Reining

Our Specialists for Groundwork & Long Reining are dedicated to foundational training, emphasizing trust and skill-building from the ground up.

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ALWAYS in favor of the horse

At wehorse, I can specifically search for solutions that are ALWAYS in favor of the horse. The resulting harmony between me and my horse is not only tangible for me but also visible to others.

Maren & Romeo

Learn by imitation!

Learn by imitation! That's exactly what you can do with wehorse, as I'm shown visually what proper riding should look like. I try to internalize this image from the courses and implement it in my own riding! The explanations from trainers and instructors stick in my mind. They also always provide guidance on things that can go wrong. I love the courses and prefer watching wehorse over Netflix & co.!

Andrea & High Hope

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