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Successful Horsemanship Trainer from Portugal

Arien Aguilar

Arien Aguilar is a successful horsemanship trainer with extensive experience in training horses and other animals, emphasizing observation and effective communication for successful training.

Extensive Experience Already in Young Years

Arien Aguilar is a successful horsemanship trainer who shares his knowledge across the world through countless courses, lectures and shows. With years of experience, he developed training methods to assess and work with each horse according to their individual needs.

He was born in 1994 in California and developed a passion for animals during his childhood. He was raised with a variety of animals and learned from his father not only to treat them with respect but also to read their body language as a way to interact with them.

With 12 years of experience teaching humans and horses, Arien Aguilar focuses on observing animal behavior and scrutinizing the efficiency of various training methods. Although training horses is the major part of his work, he also spends time observing and developing training methods for other animals such as giraffes, monkeys, lions, elephants and even birds.

A Training Philosophy Based on Exchanges

For Arien Aguilar, observation is the first step of any training. Assessing the animals’ character, temperament or reactions to new situations, as well as understanding the best way to reward them, is crucial for effective communication between horse and handler or rider. He places emphasis on the idea that successful training is the result of a good balance between what the handler wants and what the horse wants and is ready to give.

In 2014, Arien launched the "Next Generation" project where young trainers share their knowledge, benefit from others while traveling together with their horses and taking part in public events. For him, these events symbolize a new equine culture characterized by helpfulness, togetherness, and meaningful exchanges.

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Arien Aguilar

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