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Bea Borelle

Bea Borelle has developed a wide range of skills and abilities in horse riding and training, including Western riding, classical training, circus exercises, work in-hand, and working on the lunge and under saddle, and she believes in being open to all possibilities in her approach to horses.

A Various Set of Skills and Abilities

It was at the age of 11 that Bea Borelle discovered her passion for horses and riding. Even though she started as a leisure rider, she progressively developed her skills in several disciplines such as Western riding and later on, classical training.

Since 1998, she has been a licensed instructor of the School of Légèreté and the T.T.E.A.M. work of Linda Tellington-Jones (Level III). She has represented and taught both during clinics and trade fairs throughout Europe. Circus exercises, work in-hand, working on the lunge and under saddle are some of the various skills she learned, developed and shared over the years.

Her extensive knowledge of horses results from over 25 years of experience. Bea Borelle learned from renowned figures in the horse world such as Richard Hinrichs, Claus Penquitt and her husband, Philippe Karl, the founder of the School of Lègèreté.

The Core of her Philosophy: “Be open to all possibilities

This phrase characterizes the work of Bea Borelle. According to her own statement, she herself has learned a lot, because she was open to her horses and approached them without preconceptions. It is precisely because of this openness that she does not want to specialize in any breed, gender or age. Dressage, just as groundwork or circus tricks, are for all horses.

During her life, Bea Borelle not only owned her own horses, which she trained for many years, but also trained numerous horses of all ages and breeding. This diversity in training led her to develop an incredible set of skills and to remain active in many areas of horse training.

Clear the stage for horses! Among other things, Bea Borelle's videos show how horses learn circus exercises in a safe and playful way. She has developed an extensive repertoire of circus tricks and exercises and often integrates the knowledge of didactics and methodology into her training.

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