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Eckart Meyners

Eckart Meyners specializes in movement theory for riders and has been working for over forty years to make this theory accessible to riders, trainers, and judges. He has developed an integrative movement concept and has authored books, videos, and papers on the subject.

His Movement Theory as a Fundamental to His Approach

Movement theory for riders has interested Eckart Meyners since 1976. The Physical Educator professor realized early on that although riding teachers had enough knowledge in how horses moved, there was a great lack of understanding and study of the theory of movement for riders. So this was exactly what he decided to specialize in! For more than forty years it has been his goal to make the many facets of the theory of human movement available to riders, trainers and judges. Because problems with a rider’s position are often a combination of problems, Eckart Meyners developed an integrative movement concept that works with different scientific approaches.

The Professor has been a Physical Education lecturer for more than 38 years at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany.

Eckart Meyners has authored multiple books, videos and papers. For several years now a qualification, based on his methods, as “Movement Trainer EM” has become possible for professional riding instructors. He also trains coaches, trainers, judges and riders worldwide for the FN (German Equestrian Federation).

The Key to Good Riding: The Rider Has to Adapt to the Horse’s Movement

“In order to learn how to ride with feeling, sitting correctly from head to toe (and most likely stiff as a plank) is not enough. Much more important is learning to adapt to the movement of the horse”

As a way of increasing the flexibility of the pelvis as the central communication point between horse and rider, he designed the Balimo stool. This special stool increases the sensitivity of the body and helps to improve the posture both on and off the horse.

Currently, Franklin Balls are gaining the interest of many riders and trainers. The possibility to improve the seat and the way the riders give aids with the Franklin Balls has been made into a new video, a collaboration between Eckart Meyners and the German riding instructor Sibylle Wiemer, “Riding with Franklin Balls”.

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