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Sibylle Wiemer

Sibylle Wiemer is a passionate riding teacher who shares her knowledge through seminars, clinics, and lectures, focusing on developing riders' body awareness and promoting a respectful relationship between horse and rider, influenced by Philippe Karl and the Ecole de Légèreté.

A Passionate Riding Teacher

Sibylle Wiemer is a riding instructor who teaches not only students but also other instructors.
She studied to become a school teacher and also completed training as a therapeutic riding instructor. Because of her history involving three serious car accidents, riding as therapy and fitness and learning to move again were subjects that became important to her.

The student of Theology lives by the quote from Pastor Dietze: “there is only one way to bring man closer to heaven- have him sit on a horse”

Sibylle Wiemer shares her knowledge with all kinds of riders through her seminars, clinics and lectures. She has written many articles and books and travels throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, with the purpose of sharing her knowledge.

Philippe Karl and the Ecole de Légèreté’s Major Influence on Her Training Philosophy

Sibylle Wiemer learnt to ride as a child with Major Wilhelm Harms, riding Master Uwe Wichmann and the renowned trainer Eva-Marie Römer.

From 1998 Sibylle Wiemer started training with Philippe Karl, in his Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness), gaining a new perspective into a respectful relationship between horse and rider. She is an honorary member of the Ecole de Légèreté.

She is especially inspired by Philippe Karl, Mike Geitner and Manolo Mendez. Together with movement expert Eckart Meyners, they train riders using methods such as the Franklin Balls training method to help riders and horses better communicate together during riding.

The Rider’s Body Awareness as a Focus Point

Sibylle Wiemer believes that the most important thing in riding is to remain fair towards the horse and among riders. She believes that with tolerant and constructive exchanges, all riders can learn from each other.

During teaching, she focuses on helping her students develop a feel for the horse’s movement from the saddle by developing their own body awareness. Her goal is to help riders improve their seat in a fun and effective way without restraining the natural movement of the horse.

She is fascinated with the Franklin Balls method and the possibility that it offers to improve the rider’s seat and use of aids, in a horse-friendly way. Inspired by her own story, she believes that great things can be achieved with targeted work on oneself. "Never tell a person this or that is impossible, for perhaps the beloved God has been waiting for centuries for the one who, in ignorance of this limit, crosses it."

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