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Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen

Jenny Wild and Peer Claßen are trainers of Natural Horsemanship who aim to make it easier for people and horses to communicate and live together, using a focus on energy and timing as their magic formula.

The Natural Horsemanship Approach

"Three terms will be heard repeatedly: focus, energy and timing. That's our magic formula, so to speak. If you really understand them and know what they're capable of, then suddenly everything becomes easy with the horses."

This ease in dealing with the horses can be seen with Jenny Wild and Peer Claßen at first glance. The two live on a natural, cozy and charming farm near Dortmund, with their own small herd of horses.

They are not just about riding but above all about being with the horse and understanding each other. As trainers of Natural Horsemanship, they will show you a different perspective and new ways of communicating with your horse.

With years of experience, the two have developed exercises that enrich everyday life with horses and make communication easier. Whether riding, loading, visiting the vet or behaving out in the field - many problems can not only be better understood with the right understanding of the horse but also solved.

A “Difficult Horse” as the Starting Point of Their Journey

For both Jenny Wild and Peer Classen, the passion for natural horsemanship began with a "difficult horse". They found a way to communicate better with their horses and understand them holistically. What followed was an exciting journey through the philosophy and concepts of all those who are committed to the natural, equine and non-violent treatment of their horse.

Since meeting one another at a horse event in 2008, they share their passion and share their experiences with other people. "With our work, we want to make it easier for people and horses to live together and give them an opportunity for more fun and more variety during their time together."

If Jenny Wild and Peer Claßen work with a variety of horses and people, they see themselves as “teachers” of natural horsemanship for humans rather than as horse trainers. Among their influences are well-renown equestrian figures such as Pat Parelli, Marc Rashid, Jean Francios Pignon or Elsa Sinclair.

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