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Richard Hinrichs

Richard Hinrichs believes that emotional balance is crucial in creating optimal connections with horses, and that a mentally and physically balanced horse can work with the rider; his training philosophy focuses on dynamic balance and building strong partnerships between horses and riders.

The Training Philosophy of a True Horseman

When dealing with horses, only a rider in a state of emotional balance can create optimal connections that are recognizable to the horse. Only a horse that is mentally and physically balanced, and therefore content, can work with and not against the rider.”

The idea of dynamic balance forms the basis and the goal of Richard Henrichs' classical training. From in-hand work to classical training under the saddle, students and horses receive a complete education up to the high school exercises.

Although striving for perfection is often in the thoughts of many riders and can sometimes be a source of disappointment as you can always do better, Richard Hinrichs strongly believes that there are moments in riding that are worth living for. When working with horses the beauty is experienced when getting them to willingly complete technical exercises. Throughout his training sessions, ridden or in-hand, he thrives in promoting motivation of the horse and takes pleasure in creating and building strong partnerships between horses and riders.

A Not-so Classical Path to Baroque Education

As a four-year-old boy, Richard Hinrichs was put upon a safe, highly educated horse. His father, Kurt Hinrichs, held Richard with one hand and with the lead rope and whip in the other, asked the horse for piaffe. There was a feeling of happiness that truly imprinted on Richard and set the first milestone of his career as a horseman.

Ever since, riding and piaffing have been inextricably linked for Richard Hinrichs. For him, the piaffe is not only a goal of training, but also a means of building trust, obedience and balance, as well as reactions of the horse to fine aids.

In Germany, Richard Hinrichs became one of the best-known representatives of classical baroque training. He founded, together with other passionate friends, the Institute for Classical Cavalry in Hanover.

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