In-Hand Work

Refine Your Riding Technique with Effective Exercises

Delve into work in-hand to improve your horse's flexibility, balance, and responsiveness, gaining a competitive edge in riding. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced riders.

The Benefits of In-Hand Work Explained


Fine-tuning Aids

On the ground, your horse can learn precise aids without the complexity of riding, leading to better communication under saddle.



In-hand work enhances straightness by allowing precise correction of posture, relieving the spine, and contributing to a healthy and straight carriage.


Strength Building

In-hand work is aimed at targeted muscle development, preventing muscle tension and promoting the overall physical health of the horse.

Our Courses on In-Hand Training

Discover comprehensive tips, engaging exercises, and creative inspiration in these online courses.

Groundwork: Leading, Lunging, Liberty Training





Master the art of in-hand work with your horse through detailed step-by-step instruction.

Kathrin Roida

Double Lunge Work





Enhance your horse's suppleness with double lunge work, advanced dressage exercises, and solutions for retraining.

Wilfried Gehrmann

The Hand-Saddle-Hand-Method: A Different Training Approach





Master the Hand-Saddle-Hand Method in this comprehensive course covering the first year of ground training to starting your horse under saddle.

Fritz Stahlecker

The Classical Art of Long Reining





Master long reining, perfecting walk to canter movements, with precision in equipment and technique.

Saskia Gunzer

Classical Training for Young Horses





Explore foundational groundwork and in-hand exercises, following Anja Beran's classical approach, to prepare young Arabian stallions and beyond for a lifetime of training.

Anja Beran

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Explore in-hand work through our course excerpts. Learn actionable tips and exercises for immediate use, improving your horse's responsiveness to aids and deepening your partnership.

Crossing Over on a Circle

This exercise teaches the horse hind leg crossover on a circle for improved shoulder mobility and lightness.

Lateral Poll Flexion

This exercise incorporates poll flexion and emphasizes maintaining the poll as the highest point while accepting the bit.

Lateral Exercises for Beginners

In this video, a student learns lateral in-hand exercises with the guidance of an experienced horse.

Our Experts in In-Hand Work and Groundwork

Meet our top trainers specializing in In-Hand Work. They offer the best exercises and tips to help you and your horse succeed.

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Offers many options

What I really like about wehorse is that it offers so many options to make my work with my horse incredibly varied in various areas. I especially love using the super courses in the app.

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