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Warwick McLean

Warwick McLean, an expert in equine behavior and dressage, has extensive experience training and retraining horses at his Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, and now runs a training stable in Germany with a focus on fine aids, body control, and consistent training that considers horse behavior.

An Expert in Equine Behavior

Warwick McLean was born in Australia and grew up with horses. Following the footsteps of his father, Dr. Andrew McLean, a successful and internationally renowned Horse behaviorist and trainer, he has learned and trained for years at his Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC), training and retraining horses. This has resulted in Warwick McLean becoming a specialist for young horses and re-educating horses.

Warwick McLean was for many years a successful event rider, before specializing in dressage. In 2005 he won multiple championships in Australia with his stallion Alessandro. In 2010 he traveled to England to train with Kyra Kirkland and her husband Richard White. He strengthened and refined his dressage riding at the highest level. He rode successfully at Inter 2 level and a second place in the Grand Prix (CDN) at the Australian Championships.

The Learning Process of Horses at the Center of his Philosophy

Since 2012, together with his wife Caroline McLean, Warwick has been running a training stable in Germany, near Düsseldorf. The focus of their training is horses reacting to the finest of aids combined with body control, an effective seat as well as consistent training that considers the behavior of the horses. It means a lot to them that they can work closely together as a successful international team.

“We have a young vibrant team with people and students from all over the world. We aim to make every day a learning experience and see ourselves as a very educational stable.
His years of experience as an equine behaviorist and dressage specialist means Warwick McLean is often giving national and international riding clinics and seminars. He also helps Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Team Bronze Medallist at the European Championships in Aachen 2015, with the groundwork and education of her horses.

For further info on Warwick McLean click here for his website.

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