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Wilfried Gehrmann

Wilfried Gehrmann is a multifaceted man with expertise in working with the double lunge and long reins, and he emphasizes the combination of theory and practice in his training approach.

Theory & Practice: A Combination at the Heart of the Philosophy

Wilfried Gehrmann always focuses on the combination of theory and practice. The trainer must have both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to work a horse on the double lunge. If this is given, the double lunge can also be integrated into the work with young and older horses as well as when re-training problem horses. Wilfried Gehrmann works on everything, from basic training to the most advanced movements such as piaffe and passage, on the double lunge.

To this day the "double lunge maestro" passes on his knowledge to other riders and helps them develop the skills they need to work their horse correctly on the double lunge themselves. The videos by Wilfried Gehrmann give detailed instructions for working on the double lunge and provide important knowledge and valuable tips for beginners and advanced riders alike.

A Multifaceted Man

Wilfried Gehrmann was director of the State Riding and driving School, in Rheinland, from 1979 to 2004. He holds the gold German Riding Badge and was a member of the board of the Federal Association of Professional Riders in the German Riding and Driving Association. Wilfried Gehrmann is also a recognized judge up to Grand Prix and in driving.

The trained professional riding instructor is known for his expertise in working with the double lunge and in long reins. During his training, Wilfried Gehrmann also passed the professional riding instructor's riding examination and in this context, he not only got to know and appreciate the double lunge for driving, but also found it extremely helpful for ridden horses.

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