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Kathrin Roida

Kathrin Roida is a trainer committed to classical dressage, focusing on gymnastic exercises in hand to maintain the health and improve the potential of horses.

Keeping the Horse Healthy and Happy with Appropriate Gymnastic Exercises

"I personally want a horse that is healthy, happy, and likes to spend time with me. As a trainer, I have the ambition to make my horses athletic and let them shine smoothly and powerfully in the most difficult movements"

Kathrin Roida is committed to classical dressage. In hand and under saddle, she trains horses in an appropriate and sustainable way. With her work she wants to maintain the health of the horse into their later years.

Her journey has involved well-known instructors such as Marc de Froissard de Broissia, Jean-Claude Dysli, Gerd Heuschmann and Manuel Jorge de Oliveira. She still works together with Anja Beran regularly.

Focus on the Work In Hand

One of the main focuses of Kathrin Roida is the gymnastizing work in hand. From the basic to the advanced exercises, she trains horses of various breeds from the ground. It not only eases the daily handling of the horse but also deepens the trust in the relationship between horse and rider.

Her Pathway to Classical Dressage

Even as a child, Kathrin Roida's greatest desire was to ride. Her parents and grandparents encouraged her early on and, coming from a very competitive family, Kathrin Roida entered her first competitions with her pony. Later on, with her half thoroughbred, she was victorious in jumping up to advanced level (M).

A few years later she was confronted with classical dressage for the first time and was immediately impressed by the new aspects that opened up to her from this perspective. Since then, the education of different horses and breeds is for Kathrin Roida in the foreground. Improving deficiencies and developing the potential of horses that were not naturally blessed with impressive movement is a welcome challenge.

"Developing every horse to his potential - that makes me happy, not just another ribbon on the wall."

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