EQUITANA USA and wehorse Kick Off Partnership with Interactive Digital Event 9/21/21 Featuring Karen Rohlf


EQUITANA USA, the mother of all horse fairs, and wehorse, Europe’s leading streaming education platform for equestrians, kick off their partnership – 10 days before EQUITANA USA opens – with live and interactive digital event “An Evening with Dressage Naturally’s Karen Rohlf ” on September 21, 2021. She will present her ideas on “The Happy Athlete Training Scale.”

(Lexington, KY and Hamburg, Germany – August 25, 2021) EQUITANA USA, North America’s premier equine expo, and wehorse, Europe’s leading streaming education platform for equestrians, kick off their partnership with a live, and interactive digital event on September 21, 2021, at 6 pm EDT with wehorse Trainer Karen Rohlf (who will also be hosting an in-person clinic at EQUITANA USA, October 1-3, 2021 at the Kentucky Horse Park). She will present her ideas on “The Happy Athlete Training Scale ” and discuss her new course on wehorse with Co-Founder & CEO Christian Kroeber and answer questions from the audience in an unprecedented online event. The partnership between EQUITANA USA and wehorse is a natural fit: both organizations serve the US equestrian community. wehorse, which recently started to focus its offering on North America, connects horse lovers with the world’s best & horse-friendly training trainers and philosophies through online courses and interactive digital events, while EQUITANA USA provides a platform for the horse industry to share ideas, products, and services.

But the connection between these two institutions is also deeply personal. Wolf Kroeber, Christian Kroeber’s father, was the mastermind and founder of EQUITANA, which premiered in Essen, Germany, in 1972 and originally brought EQUITANA also to the United States in the early 90s.

“The partnership with wehorse links us to our history and at the same time clears the path to a future with boundless possibilities,” says Meghan Margewicz, Event Director, EQUITANA USA. “We look forward to hosting the joint digital evening with Karen Rohlf and welcoming both wehorse and Karen Rohlf at Kentucky Horse Park in October.”

“Of course the partnership with EQUITANA USA is special to me,” adds wehorse CEO Christian Kroeber, “it’s a living connection to my family’s legacy. But as importantly, we are thrilled to build relationships in the US equestrian community and explore new ways of bringing our expertise to horse lovers in North America. Partnering with EQUITANA USA is an important milestone in this process.”

In the increasingly globalized equestrian world, the partnership between wehorse and EQUITANA USA enables horse enthusiasts to access the best trainers in the world and also to connect with each other – both online and offline. Thus, both partners join forces for a live and interactive digital event.

At “An Evening with Dressage Naturally’s Karen Rohlf” on 9/21/21, she will present her ideas on “The Happy Athlete Training Scale” and discuss her first, brand-new course on wehorse with CEO Christian Kroeber. After her keynote presentation, participants can ask questions in a moderated Q&A session. Free tickets and more information can be found at: www.wehorse.com/karen

The topic is relevant for riders of all levels and disciplines as Karen Rohlf primarily focuses on the partnership with the horse, on the ground and in the saddle. Better mutual understanding leads to more harmony and thereby enables progress both in training and riding.

Karen Rohlf is a Florida-based FEI trainer combining horsemanship with dressage. She developed “Dressage Naturally,” a “holistic, comprehensive, and integrated system for horses and riders of any discipline who want to enjoy the process of creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics.”
“We are very excited to be working with so many trainers and especially Karen as we share the same commitment to horse-friendly training. Our mission is to help equestrians improve not only their riding but also the relationships with their four-legged partners,” says wehorse Co-Founder and CEO Christian Kroeber.

Karen Rohlf adds: “My new course on wehorse, “Dressage Naturally: Help Your Horse Become a Happy Athlete,” is a result of decades of practicing my Dressage Naturally methodology. I am thrilled to partner with wehorse because of our shared passion for helping riders make real progress with their horses in a horse-friendly way. I look forward to hearing how the information helped participants with their horses.”

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What is wehorse?
wehorse is Europe’s leading streaming education provider for equestrians. As a pioneer in equestrian education with over 30 years of experience in Europe, wehorse produces and delivers online courses with solution-geared exercises across all equestrian disciplines. Since its inception as the German company “pferdia TV” in 1989, selling horse books and DVDs, wehorse has transformed into an international platform and thought leader in horse friendly equestrian education with users in over 40 countries around the globe. Its more than 25 employees are experts in horse training, video content creation, curriculum design and engineering & technology. wehorse is a brand of welearn GmbH.

What trainers and disciplines are featured on wehorse?
The English language curriculum library currently includes more than 125 video-based online courses across disciplines from groundwork to dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, driving, liberty training, horsemanship, and equine massage. This inclusive approach puts the horse at the center and enables users to tap into the collective wisdom of 30+ world-renowned trainers and other equine experts. European greats such as Anja Beran, Ingrid Klimke, and Philippe Karl are represented alongside American stars like Linda Tellington Jones, Buck Brannaman, or Jim Masterson. See a complete list of trainers and experts here: www.wehorse.com/en/trainer/

Where can I sign up?
Users can choose between different subscription plans here: www.wehorse.com/en/pricing/

Who is Christian Kroeber?
Christian Kroeber is Co-Founder & CEO of wehorse, a brand of welearn GmbH. Born in 1988 in Germany, he has a distinguished background in both entrepreneurship and equestrian sports. Having successfully competed in Dressage and Show Jumping on a national level, he has been deeply rooted in the equestrian world from early on. His father founded EQUITANA, the Equestrian Sport World Fair, in 1972. Christian shares the passion to connect horse-lovers globally and pushing the frontiers of technology and education. Holding finance degrees from the Universities of Frankfurt, Germany and Gottingen, Germany, he pioneered the concept of online equestrian education by transforming the former company “pferdia TV” from a DVD-based e-commerce site into wehorse, Europe’s leading equestrian education and video streaming platform. Christian continues his involvement in the sport as moderator and host of major equestrian events such as EQUITANA, World Cup Events, the German Championships in Dressage and Show Jumping, and many more.

EQUITANA USA is a three-day celebration of the horse that invites equestrian professionals and enthusiasts of all riding levels and ages, disciplines and breeds to gather for education, entertainment, instruction and shopping. RX is the producer of EQUITANA USA and in the business of building businesses for individuals, communities and organizations. We elevate the power of face-to-face events by combining data and digital products to help customers learn about markets, source products and complete transactions at over 400 events in 22 countries across 43 industry sectors. RX is passionate about making a positive impact on society and is fully committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all our people. RX is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. www.rxglobal.com

What is the Kentucky Horse Park?
The Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm/theme park and equine competition facility dedicated to man’s relationship with the horse. The park is an agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet that showcases the many equestrian breeds and disciplines of the American horse industry, and hosts a number of high profile horse shows and special events each year attracting visitors, competitors and horses from across the United States and all around the world. The park is home to the International Museum of the Horse, a Smithsonian Affiliate, dedicated to exploring the history of horses and their impact on human civilization, as well as the National Horse Center, comprising national, regional and state equine organizations and associations. Information about the park’s programs and activities may be found online at www.KyHorsePark.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Periscope.

For more information about EQUITANA USA, visit www.equitanausa.com or www.kyhorsepark.com.

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