7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman

A Masterclass in Horsemanship

Join Buck Brannaman's legendary 7 Clinics and embark on a journey of horsemanship excellence. Start today and learn from the best.

Why 7 Clinics can help your riding success



Encounter common behavioral issues and challenges that riders often face with their horses. You'll gain valuable insights and practical solutions from Buck, empowering you to become a more skilled and confident rider by resolving these problems.



Harness the power of subtle cues and impeccable timing, just like Buck. By watching the clinics, you can develop these crucial skills, enabling you to communicate more effectively with your horse and build a deeper connection.



Whether it's dressage, western riding, or trail riding – You can easily apply Buck's principles and techniques to excel in the equestrian discipline that suits you best.

7 Clinics - all in one place

Only here, you can find the entire price-winning documentary about Buck and his way.

7 Clinics Part 1: Groundwork – Hooking on, Circles, Bridling Tips





Deepen your equine rapport with essential communication techniques, 'hooking on' mastery, precise circling methods, and comprehensive bridling and haltering guidance.

7 Clinics Part 2: Groundwork – Backing, Flags, Half Circle





Learn the gentle art of guiding your horse to back up smoothly, the skillful use of flags, managing forehand and hindquarters with finesse, and resolving resistance with horse-friendly solutions.

7 Clinics Part 3: Lessons on Horseback – Aids, Release, Feet Control





Advance your equestrian skills with targeted exercises on aids, pressure-release, leg responsiveness, and independent hand and leg communication.

7 Clinics Part 4: Lessons on Horseback – Smooth Transitions & Backing





Improve your riding with exercises for energizing your horse, achieving smooth transitions, mastering safe stops, and backing up with finesse for a supple connection.

7 Clinics Part 5: Lessons on Horseback – The Feel, Advanced Exercise





Progress to advanced riding by teaching your horse complex exercises, refining your timing and feel in flatwork, and executing impeccable turns on the haunches.

7 Clinics Part 6: Problem Solving – Understanding Horse Behavior





Enhance your equine leadership by addressing behavioral issues with proven horsemanship techniques, fostering confidence, and understanding horse behavior for safer, more respectful handling.

7 Clinics Part 7: Words of Wisdom – About Horsemanship, Riding and Tack





Absorb Buck Brannaman's wisdom on compassionate horsemanship, selecting and fitting tack correctly, ensuring equine safety, and his take on pressing equine debates.

Exclusive preview of 7 Clinics

Learn how Buck masters horsemanship like no other

Leading your Horse

Discover the art of precise horse leading through energy and body language.

Colt Starting Demo

Ensure young horses have positive early training experiences to influence their future responses. Learn from Buck Brannaman's expert colt starting approach in this clip

Basics of Hooking On

Establish a strong connection with your horse through "hooking on" for attentive and easy ground leading, creating a harmonious partnership

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wehorse offers a vast range of in-depth horse knowledge. Additionally, they focus on diverse approaches and methods, always emphasizing a healthy riding style. Thanks to wehorse!

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Great teachers & clear instruction

Lots of interesting & helpful lessons & sessions. Great teachers, trainers & instructors - good & clear instruction. A really valuable resource! Would definitely recommend.

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