Unlocking Equine Well-Being

Exploring TTouches by Linda Tellington-Jones

The world-famous gentle approach to enhance your horse's comfort. It will be a transformative experience for both you and your horse.

Why you should exercise TTouch on your horse


Relaxation and Stress Reduction

TTouch promotes relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety in horses.


Enhanced Connection

It fosters a stronger bond and trust between you and your horse, enhancing cooperation, a valuable asset in competitions.


Improved Physical Well-Being

TTouch improves balance, coordination, and flexibility, benefiting your horse's overall well-being.

Learn it with our courses

Explore the TTouch method through our online courses. Learn directly from the founder, Linda Tellington-Jones

Tellington TTouch®: Help your horse become a healthier, happier athlete





Discover the four key aspects of Tellington TTouch Training: philosophy, body work, ground work, and riding. Linda Tellington-Jones shares 26 TTouches and instructions for applying them to your horse.

Linda Tellington-Jones

Deepen the Connection with Your Horse - In & Out of the Saddle





Learn from experts Linda Tellington-Jones and Sabine Schut-Kery how to strengthen your horse's trust, enhance your competitive edge, and calm nervous horses in just a few minutes a day. Gain actionable insights for immediate use!

Linda Tellington-Jones & Sabine Schut-Kery

Take a Sneak Peek into Our TTouch Courses

Check out selected excerpts from our online courses and start learning about TTouches immediately.

The Ear TTouch

Try the Ear TTouch to calm nervous or anxious horses, activate tired horses, encourage relaxation or relieve the sensation of pain.

The Rib Release

The Rib Release technique aids in increasing flexibility and enhancing the improvement of lateral movements.

Heart Hug

This TTouch can help calm yourself.

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I am very satisfied with the incredible content provided. Not only this, but they are constantly improving and adding new material all the time. The content is not restricted to any one discipline, but includes everything any horseman could desire.

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I highly recommend wehorse

I highly recommend wehorse. It offers a vast selection of educational courses. They have helped me improve my aids, ride my Icelandic horse correctly with cues, and thus correct timing mistakes.

Vanessa & Vinur

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