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Why the Masterson Method is a Must for Horses


Enhanced Relaxation

The Masterson Method promotes deep relaxation in horses, reducing tension and stress, which can lead to improved overall well-being.


Improved Performance

By releasing muscular restrictions and improving range of motion, the method can enhance a horse's athletic abilities, making them perform at their best.


Stronger Bond

Practicing the Masterson Method with your horse fosters trust and strengthens your bond, creating a deeper connection between you and your equine partner.

Our courses about the Masterson Method

Discover comprehensive tips, engaging exercises, and creative inspiration in these online courses.

Beyond Horse Massage





Follow this step-by-step visual guide to the Masterson Method®, wherein each technique is clearly filmed and explained in detail.

Dressage Movements Revealed Part 1





Discover a slow motion demonstration of the Grand Prix dressage movements and get to know how the horse's skeleton and major muscle pairs and chains work.

Dressage Movements Revealed Part 2





Learn how to release muscle tension in your horse by working with his nervous system.

Horse Massage: Light to the Core





Get ready to discover subtle, gentle, simple bodywork that has the ability to profoundly affect the deepest interconnections of the horse’s body.

Get some insights into Jim's courses here

Check out some of the online courses we offer to learn the Masterson Method.

Releasing Tension in the Head-Poll-Neck-Area

This exercise helps your horse to release tension and increases relaxation.

Lateral Rocking

Discover how a gentle rhythm of lateral rocking can relax the horse's back.

Release tension in the Atlas

Use this method to release tension in the atlas.

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The sound and picture quality of the diverse courses are truly top-notch, as are the podcasts on current topics and events. I learn a lot and gain a wealth of knowledge. The live events with Q&A sessions are especially exciting and informative!

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Helpful tips & explanations

You really get helpful tips and explanations on all topics at wehorse. Also great suggestions for varied work with the horse, whether on the ground, with poles, while riding, massaging,... Top quality!

Laura & Elfie

Learn by imitation!

Learn by imitation! That's exactly what you can do with wehorse, as I'm shown visually what proper riding should look like. I try to internalize this image from the courses and implement it in my own riding! The explanations from trainers and instructors stick in my mind. They also always provide guidance on things that can go wrong. I love the courses and prefer watching wehorse over Netflix & co.!

Andrea & High Hope

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