There is a unique serenity that one experiences when grooming horses; a certain quiet, a certain calm. For many of us, this can be the most relaxing part of our day. This may also be true of...
Imagine your friend leading you up to a porta-potty-sized box, and telling you to get in. What would you say? How might you feel? What would you be thinking? And most importantly, would you get in? Perhaps it...
We’ve all seen it—that climactic moment in the Old Westerns where our hero is seen against a fiery orange sunset, just about to take off to capture the villain, and the climactic horse rearing silhouette is seen...
Here are tips to help you get through winter whilst keeping your horse happy, healthy and sound. The appropriate warm-up, the right care as well as what you feed all have an impact on your horse in winter. You will also find tips for keeping your horse motivated throughout the winter season.
There’s an argument for every position: boots are better at cushioning external impacts, bandages provide a snug fit; however, without leg protection, no body heat can accumulate and harm your horse. But what’s the best method, in practice?
Every rider wants a well-fitting saddle, but this is a wish that’s not easy to fulfill. Many riders, then, will reach for aids such as pads. But with so many different kinds, how do you go about choosing a saddle pad that’s right for you? Master Saddler Tom Büttner in Dresden can tell you what to look for when choosing a saddle pad.
Injuries and ailments can – literally – get under your horse’s skin. These are often associated with side effects that affect not only the horse’s appearance, which makes good horse wound care all the more important.
I bet you've asked yourself the same question a hundred times. "How can I help my horse to build bigger muscles?" Whoever wants to ride wants to do so on a horse with a well-trained musculature. Because we all know that this is a huge factor in maintaining long term health and soundness.
No horse is born completely symmetrical. Asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like running and grazing.
A well-fitting saddle is worth its weight in gold! Unfortunately, the search for the right saddle is a topic that drives many riders to despair. Many are uncertain about whether a saddle provides the right fit or not, and competent professionals – good saddlers – are hard to find. We have a self-check that will clearly show every rider where the saddle should sit and where it shouldn’t.