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There is a unique serenity that one experiences when grooming horses; a certain quiet, a certain calm. For many of us, this can be the most relaxing part of our day. This may also be true of...
Imagine your friend leading you up to a porta-potty-sized box, and telling you to get in. What would you say? How might you feel? What would you be thinking? And most importantly, would you get in? Perhaps it...
Here are tips to help you get through winter whilst keeping your horse happy, healthy and sound. The appropriate warm-up, the right care as well as what you feed all have an impact on your horse in winter. You will also find tips for keeping your horse motivated throughout the winter season.
Today we would like to introduce one of the most harmonious couples we've met, Alizée Froment and Mistral. She’s shown like no other rider that it’s possible to use one’s seat in such a way that Grand Prix movements can be executed through bitless riding.
Lunging training over poles and Cavaletti is a particularly worthwhile exercise: your horse is stimulated to push off with more intent, ideally with the movement running through the whole body, going over the back and raising the chest.
In her training videos, Kathrin Roida demonstrates basic groundwork training and work in hand. As an introduction, here are three tips from Kathrin Roida on how you can exercise your horse, for both beginners and advanced riders.
There is great value to a successful start in a horse’s training, which is why Uta Gräf and her husband Stefan Schneider dedicate so much attention to this phase.
This is Part 2 of young horse training at Gut Rothenkircherhof.
No horse is born completely symmetrical. Asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like running and grazing.
If you are concerned with lunging your horse correctly, you will quickly encounter dogmatic disputes. With side reins or without, on the bit or not, with a bridle or a cavesson? In fact, there are several systems for lunging horses, and as different as they are, so varied is the equipment.