There’s an argument for every position: boots are better at cushioning external impacts, bandages provide a snug fit; however, without leg protection, no body heat can accumulate and harm your horse. But what’s the best method, in practice?
Every rider wants a well-fitting saddle, but this is a wish that’s not easy to fulfill. Many riders, then, will reach for aids such as pads. But with so many different kinds, how do you go about choosing a saddle pad that’s right for you? Master Saddler Tom Büttner in Dresden can tell you what to look for when choosing a saddle pad.
A well-fitting saddle is worth its weight in gold! Unfortunately, the search for the right saddle is a topic that drives many riders to despair. Many are uncertain about whether a saddle provides the right fit or not, and competent professionals – good saddlers – are hard to find. We have a self-check that will clearly show every rider where the saddle should sit and where it shouldn’t.