If there was one ultimate test to gauge athleticism in humans, what might that test be? A marathon? An Iron Man? Perhaps there would exist a bit of debate regarding this topic, but in the world of equestrian sports, the answer is clear, and that answer is Eventing.
Everyone talks about how stretching forward and downwards towards the bit is good for the horse, but actually being able to do it correctly is not so easy. Knowing the “how, why and when” all comes into play and are important factors to riding, or training, a correct forward downwards frame. Dr. Britta Schöffmann explains everything.
Correct impulsion isn't only meant to look nice in the dressage arena, it's also a requirement of correct dressage training. In this article you'll see how correct impulsion looks, how to improve the movement of your horse, as well as 5 rules to keep in mind when developing impulsion.
In this article you will find out why paying more attention to your training in walk will help your riding, with the likelihood of making more advanced movements easier to ask for and achieve. If you're not quite sure what a correct walk should actually look like, read on! We are also going to explain how to improve the walk, no matter what breed of horse you ride.
Combinations and distances are an elementary part of the showjumping sport. If you don't know how many canter strides your horse needs for a certain distance or how big the canter stride of your own horse is, riding a course will be unnecessarily difficult. In order to ride combinations and distances confidently, it is important for the rider to know how to measure the distances between two jumps as well as how many strides are needed.
Jumping cross country can be dangerous. British eventing champion and German team trainer Chris Bartle holds seminars on the best ways to stay safe in the saddle when facing tricky situations on cross country courses, from slipping the reins to the "Oh shit!" position.
There’s one thing that can help you collect extra points at your next dressage test: riding a good dressage halt! That’s because a good halt counts as much as other “more difficult” dressage skills. A proper halt leaves a good impression and will definitely rack up points. Dressage rider and trainer Benjamin Werndl talks about how he and his sister Jessica von Bredow-Werndl teach the concept of halting to young horses at their horse farm in Aubenhausen, Bavaria.
Preparation is half the battle. This also applies to jumping exercises for horses – ‘just do it’ is not the right strategy here. It is much more fun, and much safer for horse and rider, if you...
No horse is born completely symmetrical. Asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like running and grazing.
Cavaletti exercises are a great opportunity for horses of all ages and levels to get in some gymnastic work.
In this article dedicated to Working Equitation, German high-level rider Birte Ostwald explains what makes this discipline so fascinating. You’ll learn how it works. She herself rides up to the highest classes. She trains with Stefan Schneider,...