Today we would like to introduce one of the most harmonious couples we've met, Alizée Froment and Mistral. She’s shown like no other rider that it’s possible to use one’s seat in such a way that Grand Prix movements can be executed through bitless riding.
A dressage philosophy that emphasizes lightness. What do Philippe Karl and his students do differently? A visit to a School of Légèreté course reveals how it differs from – and also is similar to – conventional riding methods.
There is great value to a successful start in a horse’s training, which is why Uta Gräf and her husband Stefan Schneider dedicate so much attention to this phase.
This is Part 2 of young horse training at Gut Rothenkircherhof.
If you are concerned with lunging your horse correctly, you will quickly encounter dogmatic disputes. With side reins or without, on the bit or not, with a bridle or a cavesson? In fact, there are several systems for lunging horses, and as different as they are, so varied is the equipment.