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wehorse Videotips

Basic Jumping Training Part 4: Finding the Correct Riding Rhythm

Eva Deimel

How do I get a feeling for the distance and ride suitably for the jump? This question is likely to be asked by all novice riders and many more experienced show jumpers. In this video, Eva Deimel shows you how to lay the right base and why your rhythm is so important while riding distances.

Duration: 22:41 Minutes

Riding your horse with one hand Part 1: Prerequisites & differences in aid provision

Uta Gräf

Riding a horse one-handed means acting fine. Among other things, in Working Equitation free trials are ridden with one hand. Riding with one hand requires enormous precision and fineness of the aids. Katrin Huber, who rides one-handed after an accident, reports on her experiences, the changeover and the differences with ambidextrous riding.

Duration: 14:59 Minutes

Riding cross country with Chris Bartle – the safe seat

Christopher Bartle

From the racing seat to the “Oh shit” position – With this video, the British national trainer Christopher Bartle wants to make eventing safer. The key is the sitting position during the cross-country course. His analysis of example scenes from competition or training situations reveal common sources of error and explain the way to successful cross-country riding.

Duration: 11:05 Minutes

Training The Eye - Recognizing appropriate training

Anja Beran

Horse-friendly training or misunderstood dressage - is the training system in modern equitation on the wrong track? This question is answered in this multimedia presentation by Anja Beran, one of the most renowned representatives of classical dressage. Animations created on the basis of real tournament scenes open the eyes of every horse friend. In her analysis, Anja Beran is supported by the Specialist in Chiropractic (A), Elisabeth Albescu.

Duration: 43:00 Minutes