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The Ideal Dressage Seat Part 3: Effectiveness of the Riding Aids

Dr. Britta Schöffmann

In order to become effective, not only is body control necessary but a big part is developing feeling for the correct timing of every little riding aid as well as mental awareness of the entire situation concerning your horse. Learning this takes time, Dr. Britta Schöffmann shows you how to get started in this video. 

Duration: 00:15:12 Minutes

Basic Jumping Training Part 6: Learn to See a Distance with Gymnastic Lines

Eva Deimel

How do I get ready for the jumps? One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to showjumping training. Eva Deimel shows you in this video with her student, Lea, a practical exercise setup that will help you estimate the distances on straight and curved lines.

Duration: 00:21:23 Minutes

The Ideal Dressage Seat Part 2: Coordination of the Riding Aids

Dr. Britta Schöffmann

Every rider dreams of being able to give the smallest of aids and our horse reacting as though he can read our mind. Britta Schöffmann will show you how to make this a reality and why your seat and correct use of the riding aids is so crucial. 

Duration: 00:09:15 Minutes

The Ideal Dressage Seat Part 1: The Riding Seat and it's Effects

Dr. Britta Schöffmann

In this first part of the series, Dr. Britta Schöffmann gives you a detailed analysis of the rider's position, the relationship between the aids and their use. Using practical examples, you will see the guidelines for a correct and efficient dressage seat and what common mistakes to avoid. A balanced seat is the first step towards applying the riding aids correctly, which is also covered in this video.

Duration: 00:15:21 Minutes