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True champions and idols - brought home to you

📌 Sunday, July 5th 2020 - 10am EST / 3pm BST

  • Inspirational lectures and insights from 5 top trainers
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5 hours packed with interesting lectures and inspirations from some of the most inspiring horsemen and women in the world. Get your ticket for the wehorse Online Festival. The best thing: You can ask your question personally. This is your chance to get in touch with your favorite trainer.

The Line-Up

Ingrid Klimke

Olympic & World Champion

Anja Beran

Classical Dressage Expert

Linda Tellington-Jones

Founder of the TTouch Method

Christopher Bartle

British National Coach

Arien Aguilar

Horsemanship and Show Trainer

10am - 11.05am Christopher Bartle

TOPIC: Riding Cross Country Safely

Christopher Bartle traveled an unusual path to eventing. As a member of the British Dressage Team, he rode at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and finished at the 6th individual place with Wily Trout. Until the London Games in 2012, he remained best placed British dressage rider at the Olympic Games. As part of the British Eventing Team, he won (Team) Gold in 1997 at the European Championships. A year later he was winning the renown 4* of Badminton Horse Trials. Together with Hans Melzer, he was the German National Eventing Trainer from 2001-2016. In this time, the Germans won Individual and Team Gold Medals at the European Championships (2011) and the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

In 2016 he took over the reins as British National Coach for eventing.

11.05am - 12.10pm Arien Aguilar

TOPIC: How do I build a trustful relationship with my horse?

Arien Aguilar is a successful horsemanship trainer who shares his knowledge across the world through countless courses, lectures and shows. With years of experience, he developed training methods to assess and work with each horse according to their individual needs. With 12 years of experience teaching humans and horses, Arien Aguilar focuses on observing animal behavior and scrutinizing the efficiency of various training methods. Although training horses is the major part of his work, he also spends time observing and developing training methods for other animals such as giraffes, monkeys, lions, elephants and even birds.

12.10pm - 1.15pm Anja Beran

TOPIC: Straightening with the help of lateral movements

Anja Beran is known for placing fine riding as a training priority. She relies on the classical principles of Horsemanship: “My sole aim is to ensure in the course of my life that an increasing number of people become familiar with the art of classical horsemanship which has become a matter of such great importance to me and that they will also learn to appreciate it. I hope very much that a great number of riders will be able to experience serious enthusiasm for classical horsemanship in its true and original sense”. At her stables in "Gut Rosenhof" in Bavaria, Germany, she trains about 45 horses from Germany and abroad. As a trainer, she teaches numerous clinics in the United States, England, and all around the world. To meet her goals not only has she published several videos but also written books.

Short break
1.25pm - 2.30pm Linda Tellington-Jones

TOPIC: How to build a more trusting relationship with your horse

Linda Tellington-Jones is a world-famous horse expert. With her innovations, she has significantly contributed to the horse world for more than five decades. But not only the horse scene profits from Linda's ideas: The Tellington TTouch Method is just as successfully applied to domestic, wild and zoo animals as well as humans. Linda Tellington-Jones has published over 20 books and 10 educational films in 15 different languages over the years. There are over 1,700 certified Tellington-TTouch trainers for horses, dogs and people in 27 countries who use and teach the methods. In 2008, Linda Tellington-Jones received an honorary doctorate from Wisdom University in California for her services. Linda Tellington-Jones lives with her husband, Roland Kleger, in Hawaii and still teaches TTouch worldwide.

2.30pm - 3.45pm Ingrid Klimke

TOPIC: Cavaletti-training

Encouraged by her parents, Ingrid Klimke was involved with horses from a very young age. Her father, Dr. Reiner Klimke, was one of the most successful Olympians of all time. Her mother, Ruth, is an honorary member of the FN and holds the German Riding Cross award.She has ridden in all Olympic Games since 2000 and won two Olympic team gold medals. She has received countless prizes and awards for her success and accomplishments as well as being awarded the title “Riding Master”. Having turned her passion into her career, Ingrid Klimke is renowned world-wide for her success in both eventing and dressage at the highest levels.

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